Welcome to the official website of the Aboriginal Evangelical Church Bible Training Centre (AECBTC) (Previously known as Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship Bible College of Western Australia).


The aim and purpose of the AECBTC is to provide a solid firm knowledge base of God’s Word in the old testament and new testament, that the students may apply the Word to their own personal lives.

To exhort and encourage students to be actively involved in witnessing, preaching, teaching and counseling, in preparation for the harvest field to which God has called them.

To provide knowledge and skills and to impress upon the students, that they should live godly lives in cities, towns, communities, and be effective in their service unto the Lord.

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To teach, encourage and progress potential Pastors and Leaders in wholisitic ministry within the Aboriginal Evangelical Church, or where God would have them be.

To expose students to the church in the broader sense, by encouraging them to participate in deputation, in attending other denominational bodies of faithful believers whose statement of faith is as the AECBTC, when required to do so.

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